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Frequently Asked Question

Ans : In a solar rooftop system, the solar panels are installed in the roof of any residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. This can be of two types (i) Solar Rooftop System with storage facility using battery, and (ii) Grid Connected Solar Rooftop System.
Ans : Such rooftop system has battery as storage facility. The solar electricity is stored in the battery and can be utilized during night also when the sun is not available.
Ans : In grid connected rooftop or small SPV system, the DC power generated from SPV panel is converted to AC power using power conditioning unit and is fed to the grid either of 33 kV/11 kV three phase lines or of 440/220 Volt three/single phase line depending on the capacity of the system installed at institution/commercial establishment or residential complex and the regulatory framework specified for respective States.
Ans : Such rooftop systems can be installed at the roofs of residential and commercial complex, housing societies, community centers, government organizations, private institutions etc.
Ans : The cost of a Solar PV Rooftop Setup depends on many factors such as the connected load, type and quality of the components used in the system, total available roof area etc. As an estimate a grid connected solar PV System with Grade A manufacturer’s components costs around Rs. 1 Lac per KW while a battery connected system costs around Rs. 1.25 Lacs per KW.
Ans : In a Solar Rooftop System, the major investment is its installation cost and has a minimal maintenance cost and no fuel cost. A 5 KW Solar PV System has average pay back period of approximately 4 to 5 years. With the life span of a PV System as high as 20 to 25 years 70 to 75% power produced by it may be considered as the free electricity.
Ans : It is mandatory for a Solar PV Setup to have a shade free area all the time of the day. The most important factor on which the area of a Solar PV System depends is the Panel Efficiency. Generally, a Solar Panel with 15% efficiency requires 100 Sq. Ft. of shade free roof area. While a Panel with 12% efficiency needs approximately 125 Sq. Ft. of shade free roof area. Another factor is the weight of the Solar Panels that may put pressure on the roof of the building. For very old and poorly built buildings the Panels have to be scattered in a larger area so that the construction can withstand there weights.
Power consumption is getting costly day by day as more population is growing rapidly. So we need to utilise some of the renewable resources given by nature to meet our needs and solar planting is one of the solution. Sunlight based P.V panel directly convert sun energy into electrical energy. is having proficient group of solar panel installer who have broad experience and well executed framework that will help in your project. Rooftop installation is one of the major growing demands in urban areas especially nearby industrial units. As the demand of electricity is increasing, there is a need of resources which can directly impact the lives by saving our precious resources. Best way is to get solar panel installed on your rooftop. Call us to book an appointment. Consult and cover your terrace with rooftop solar panels.