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Visiting Charges and Consultation charges will be Rs 2000 per session


Residential Starts from Rs 13000
Commercial Starts from Rs 17000
Industrial Starts from Rs 27000

Frequently Asked Question

Ans : Home Improvement is all about removing negativity from your house and your life.
For that we provide services:
• Vaastu consultancy
• Vaastu for homes
• Pyramid installation
Ans :You need to pay 2000 Rs for the Home visit/normal consultation for the session for your problem.
Ans : Yes we do. We are having a team of designers who can design according to your requirements after advised from expert.
Ans : No, 2000 Rs is for the normal consultation/visiting. You need to pay according for your requirements.
Vaastu shastra, is an ancient myth that indicates the arrangements that senses the vibes from man. As per vaastu, each premises whether it is residential or commercial has its own vitality that influence on the nature of the individual living in it. Therefore it is required to construct your living as per the laws of vaastu. It is known fact that the universe is made up of five elements that are air, fire, water, sky and land. A proportion of your illness that can be stomach problems, body ache, sleeping disorders, tension and stress occur due to wrong vaastu arrangement of your living. There are some remedies to live a healthy life that can be explained by our experts. Get full assistance to make your living peaceful with vaastu solution. Vaastu consultancy, vaastu designing, vaastu architect are some of the solutions that provide. Book consultant before it is too late.