Book an Interior Designer


2D Drawing+ Furniture layout Start from Rs 7000
3D rendering View Starts Rs 17000/ view
False ceiling with supervision Starts Rs 250/sq.ft
Custom Cabinets Designing Starts Rs 40/sq.ft
Custom Wall Panels Starts Rs 42/sq.ft
Wardrobe Designing Starts Rs 40/sq.ft
Custom Homebars Starts Rs 62/sq.ft
Open Kitchen Drawing Starts Rs 40/sq.ft
Terrace Pergola Design Starts Rs 68/sq.ft


Colour Consultation Starts Rs 2500/visit
Fengshui Installation Starts from Rs 6500
Lightning Designs Starts from Rs 2500/visit
Wall art Starts from Rs 125/sq.ft
Travel wall designing Starts from Rs 52/sq.ft
3D Designs Starts from Rs 17000


Demolistion Starts from Rs 38/sq.ft
Sketch plans Starts from Rs 6000
Working plans Starts from Rs 6000
Electrical Drawing Starts from Rs 4000
Plumbing Drawings Starts from Rs 4000
3D Designs Starts from Rs 17000


Frequently Asked Question

Ans : Working with an Interior Designer will help you to move flawlessly and proficiently through the venture, and also help you counteract expensive slip-ups or evades en route.
Ans : Our fees are based off the scope of work and we charge a simple flat design fee when possible. However you need to pay Rs 1000 for consultation and visiting fees.
Ans : We do Accept & have a Expertise in all kinds of Residential & Commercial Interior / Renovation Projects Like Apartments, Flats, Shops, Offices, Bungalows, Row houses, Villas, Hotels, Resort, Clinic, Etc.
Ans : Our aim is to complete project within specified time and budget. It will require good communication between you and us.
500 sq ft – up to 45 Days
500 sq ft to 750 sq ft- up to 60 days
750sq ft to 1000 sq ft- up to 75 days
1000sq ft and above- up to 100 days
However, it will depend upon the client requirements for completion of project.
Ans : No, we are having many design and furniture for your requirements, if you find them good we can include that in your services. Everything will be taken care by our team.
Designing is required in every field nowadays as it is playing major part in status symbol specially for the place where we live. Getting an interior designer services is a basic approach for scintillating residential/commercial premises. Proficient Interior designer which deliver best interior designer service are not just limited to the selection of textures or designing layouts on paper but gives you a proper scenario of the existing and to be made drafts. They will take care of your matching furniture, paint on your walls, maintaining the decorum of your living. You can hire best team professional interior designer in delhi for commercial office designing or for residential interior designing from operating in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Dehradun, Jaipur and many other cities. A professional can save your time and money. Book now for consultation for best commercial and residential interior designing services.