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Frequently Asked Question

Ans : • Modular kitchen gives a fresh and beautiful look and as it is build perfectly optimized area. It is developed with contemporary finishes which gives longer life to the kitchen and its accessories.Usually Life of a Modular Kitchen depends on the quality of the material you use on your kitchen. Ideally a Mid- Segment Kitchen.
• Installation and repairs can easily be done as each part of the kitchen module is separate which gives a perfect look.
• Cleaning of modular kitchen is very easy and it takes very less time
Ans : Yes, We have a Team of Designers and architects working with us, who would design and develop your layout and provide you 3D drawings for your kitchen.
Ans : As Design Indian Kitchen as its own Industry, manufacturing kitchen cabinets and shutters. We provide carcass in marine ply, WPC, MDF, HDF & ply. We offer wide range of shutters in membrane, acrylic, post form, four side edge bend in high gloss & matt finish and designer range shutters.
Ans : Design depends on the space available and the personal choice of a consumer. If a kitchen area is spacious, a combination of all black with a hint of steel or aluminum looks beautiful. If homeowners want a kitchen to look bright and bask in natural light, then light colors is the way to go. The kitchen should not be located below a toilet or adjacent to it. It is inauspicious to have kitchen in the centre of a home. The stove should not be placed under the overhead beams. It is always advisable to use bright gorgeous colors like oranges, green, brown, bright yellow as this is the hot sector of home.
Ans : The skeleton or the carcass of our kitchen cabinets can be built entirely from marine grade plywood–Boiling Water Resistant plywood, or a mix of marine grade plywood and HMR (High Moisture Resistance) pre-laminated particle board. Should you opt for the latter, we will use marine grade plywood for the wet areas of the kitchen, i.e., around the sink, and (HMR) PLPB for the dry areas.
Ans : We will take care of:
• Electrical work (for installing lights in the glass-front cabinets, and lights under the wall unit. We will also shift and/ or create new electrical points if needed)
• Minor civil work
• Plumbing
• Gas piping
• Core cutting and ducting for chimneys
• Granite removal (for kitchens with builder-provided slab) and installation
• Minor paint work for services that require cutting, etc.
Ans : Yes, the fees will be charged by the experts that will be Rs 1000 for visiting and consultation.
Ans : First, we initiate with layout then 3D design is created & shared with the client(2 designs). The order will be placed from the day of advance receipt and confirmation of final drawings Once order is processed in our Industrial Unit, we take about 12 Days to manufacture the material. In the meantime complete fittings and other necessary materials are landed on the customer site.
Ans : An advance equal to 40% of the total amount is required to book your kitchen, 20% at the mid of the installation and design approval. The remaining 40% of the amount is due prior to the delivery of your kitchen.
Kitchens are the best part of house to show-off. Better designed kitchen speaks the mind of the person living there. We are having solution for your kitchen with wide variety of modular kitchen that add crisp to your home. We outline the type and manufacture the kitchen on your requirements that intend to satisfy singular needs. Nowadays modular kitchen offer a range og outline driven components that can be easily fixed with not much time. We have a team to visualise your needs in the space provided. You can choose from wide variety of designs. Book now and get best solutions from Hire an expert for modular kitchen services online or you can call us for more information. Our team will visit at your place with proper consultation.