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Frequently Asked Question

Ans : It is the energy which s generated by sun in the form of solar radiation that is used for generating electricity by the help of Photovoltaic cells.
Ans : The radiation coming from sun is passed through the photovoltaic cells making electrons in silicon cells exciting by photons of the light hence generating electricity.
Ans :
  • Minimum of 90 sqft open area for mounting solar panels.
  • Solar panels with Certified Solar panels.
  • Inverter for converting DC to AC.
  • Battery for storage (if required).
  • Net metering.
  • Disconnecting switches.
Ans : The rays coming from sun have photons particle in it and when they fall on Solar panels that have silicon cells with the properties of electrons get excited. It results in forming of DC . Then this DC supply is passed through the inverter that converts it into AC supply hence resulting in formation of electricity that can be used at home, offices or in industries.
Ans :
  • Reduction of electricity bill upto 60%.
  • Benefits from Govt. on subsidy schemes and more.
  • Low maintenance cost required.
  • Lifetime warranty (25 years).
  • Less pollution as compared to other electricity source.
Ans : Installing of Solar panels on the of any residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings is know as Solar rooftop system. This can be of two types (i) Solar Rooftop System with battery, and (ii) Grid Connection System.(without battery)
Ans : Yes we do have loan facility which is directly based upon your CIBIL. Loan up to 70% can be provided from the banks as per your requirement.
Power consumption is getting costly day by day as more population is growing rapidly so there is a need to shift our lifestyle into Non Conventional resources. And one of the best examples is Sunlight or it can be said as Solar energy. Photovoltaic cells panel directly convert sun energy into electrical energy. is having proficient group of solar panel installer who have broad experience and well executed framework that will help in your project. Rooftop Solar installation is one of the major growing demands in urban areas especially nearby industrial units. As the demand of electricity is increasing, the more is non renewable resources are depleting which can directly impact the live cycle. Best way is to get solar panel installed on your rooftop. Call us to book an appointment. Consult us as we are leading solar installation company in India and cover your terrace with rooftop solar panels.